Year of the City
The Providence Project



Want to be a part of this citywide collaboration? Here’s how!

Are you interested in participating in Year of the City? Great! This citywide collaboration depends on the active participation of cultural and historic institutions, schools, neighborhood organizations, city residents, artists, designers, students, performers, curators, and storytellers.

We ask you to take a moment to read over the “About” section on the website. If you have a program or exhibition taking place in 2019 that fits the Year of the City theme, we’d love to have you on board.

If you’re ready to officially join Year of the City as a partner, we ask you to fill out this Partner Agreement form. You MUST email a Year of the City organizer after you submit--we do not receive notifications when new forms are submitted, but we want to look over your form and respond as soon as possible! You can reach the organizers at,, or

Once we have your Partner Agreement form, we’ll send a confirmation of its receipt. Provided that your program or exhibition fits the Year of the City theme and timeline, we’ll ask you to fill out an Organizational Info form, which gives us the information that we need to list you/your organization on our website and to connect with you via social media.

A few months before your program or exhibition, we’ll send you a Project Info form asking for details that we’ll use to flesh out our online calendar and add you to a quarterly print calendar.

We maintain a collection of resources for partners on the Year of the City website, including suggestions for assessment and documentation, and an identity packet with the Year of the City tagline wording, logo, and color scheme.

Participant Checklist

  • Fill out Partner Agreement form and email Year of the City organizers

  • Receive confirmation email

  • Fill out Organizational Info form

  • Check Year of the City website for other resources for partners

  • Fill out Project Info form when it is sent to you (roughly 3-4 months before your event)