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Year of the City: The Providence Project is an unprecedented year-long exploration of the history, life and culture of Providence’s twenty-five neighborhoods through exhibitions, performances, walks, lectures, and conferences produced by more than 50 different curators.

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The Providence Album, Vol I (1950-1970): Carmel Vitullo and Harry Callahan

  • The Carriage House Gallery, John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage 357 Benefit Street Providence, RI, 02903 United States (map)
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Providence in the 1950s and 1960s appeared to be a city in decline.  Its residents were moving out of the city and into the surrounding suburbs at a rate faster than any other American city except for Detroit.  Downtown hotels, offices and department stores were closing, often relocating to the suburbs to chase these residents.  As the downtown core emptied out, planners became fixated on providing amenities to attract suburban drivers: wider roads, a more efficient way into and out of the city via I-95 (built 1957-65), and many, many parking lots.  It was a tremendous amount of change – even trauma – in such a short period of time.  During these years, two very different artists created images of this city in flux.  This exhibition examines the work of Harry Callahan and Carmel Vitullo within the context of the city's physical and social transformations during this time and notions of postwar female subjectivity.